globalwarming awareness2007
globalwarming awareness2007

Globalwarming on movie

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I have try to find more information about the globalwarming awareness2007, but it's was very hard because the search engines, but impossible to find something, we only find a big shit about a strange SEO contest  :-(

But I'm not a Tarlouze boy, and I have find the best globalwarming videos...

Globalwarming movies :

sunfromeast (6 months ago)
This is a project i did as a part of my final project at central saint martins college, london. please leave ur comments.

If you want to have an idea about the dammage of the CO2, see this movies

Horrible video about the hearth...  :-(
Be carrefull, this is very horrible...

letsTeamUp (3 days ago)
Nice Job!! why didn`t you add some solutions, practical things one can do at the end?! we must focus on the solutions! thanks a lot for your good work!

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