globalwarming awareness2007
globalwarming awareness2007

awareness2007 like Jean-Claude Van Damme

The king to be Aware

Jean-Claude is awareness2007

Definition of awareness2007 :

awareness2007 is word comming from Jean-Claude Van Damme : this guys is the king of the awareness2007 ! To be awareness2007 is a style of live, you must drink and smoke a lot to be aware, it's not good for your health  :-(

If you see the next video you can understand why it's not good to be aware or awareness2007

Movies of awareness2007 :

The best beautifull movie of the "Aware saga", just click and lesson the beautifull storie by Jean-Claude Van Damme

J-C Van Damme is not only the first to be awareness2007. Just be aware...

The "mollecule" is beter than to be Awareness2007

For the little boys and girl, here is a mini movie about A part of Awarness2007

And if you are more than 18 years old, I'm happy to show you the Porn Awarness2007

If you like it, be Aware...